What is LawLawLand?

LawLawLand is a Canadian podcast for everyone who is curious about law, rights, and the questions that matter most – like, when can the cops look in your butt???

Mindy Caterina (a lawyer) and Garrett Jamieson (definitely not a lawyer) chat law in plain language.  Check out our full length episodes (more than fifteen minutes) and our “one hitters” (fifteen minutes or less) as we (legally) take on the law…

Have something to say about us, or law, or a personal story?  Hit us up with questions and comments on Instagram or Twitter @lawlawlandshow or by email to lawlawlandshow@gmail.com.  It’s your right! (and we’d love to hear from you)

Nerd Alert! (A Message from Mindy & Garrett)

To all the law nerds nerdin’ around out there: we support you (and all nerds) but heads up — our goal is to break down legal concepts to help people understand the “big picture”.  Our goal is not to debate the finer points of law (though Mindy is usually game).  We want to help non-law-nerds navigate their rights, the legal system, and the conversations surrounding these topics.  All nerds are welcome, but if you’re looking for a meaty lecture that dissects legal reasoning this ain’t it . . .

We hope everyone finds this stuff as interesting as we do because, as good ’80s kids, we believe that *the more you know* the better off you’ll be!

Who are Mindy & Garrett??

Mindy Caterina is a former prosecutor and current criminal defence lawyer based in Toronto, Canada.

Garrett Jamieson is a stand up comedian/actor/buffoon and can be found in Toronto as well.  Check him out at www.godofcomedy.com or follow @gjpartyhugs (Instragram and Twitter)