Episode 8: #meQ – Unpacking the Jian Ghomeshi Trial (Part 2 of 2)

In Part 2 of #meQ, Mindy Caterina and Garrett Jamieson break down the evidence of Lucy DeCoutere and S.D., the remaining two witnesses/complainants in the Jian Ghomeshi trial.  Afterward, we discuss the fallout: how the media and campus movements treated Jian Ghomeshi’s lawyer, Marie Henein, and Lucy DeCoutere’s response to an article Jian Ghomeshi wrote years after the trial.

Finally, we ask if this trial created an opportunity to examine different ways of approaching sexual assault in Canada.  We’ve talked about how and why the current system is the way it is.  Is it the best tool to address this difficult issue?  Could there be another way forward?  Brighter minds than ours will figure out these answers.  We just hope to contribute to making this an informed conversation!

Useful Links:

Maclean’s article that focused on the appearance of Jian Ghomeshi’s defence team (discussed in this podcast episode)

“Let Justice Speak” – a defence lawyer discusses the opposition to Jian Ghomeshi’s defence lawyer, Marie Henein, speaking at university campuses

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