Episode 8: #meQ – Unpacking the Jian Ghomeshi Trial (Part 2 of 2)

In Part 2 of #meQ, Mindy Caterina and Garrett Jamieson break down the evidence of Lucy DeCoutere and S.D., the remaining two witnesses/complainants in the Jian Ghomeshi trial.  Afterward, we discuss the fallout: how the media and campus movements treated Jian Ghomeshi’s lawyer, Marie Henein, and Lucy DeCoutere’s response to an article Jian Ghomeshi wrote years after the trial.

Finally, we ask if this trial created an opportunity to examine different ways of approaching sexual assault in Canada.  We’ve talked about how and why the current system is the way it is.  Is it the best tool to address this difficult issue?  Could there be another way forward?  Brighter minds than ours will figure out these answers.  We just hope to contribute to making this an informed conversation!

Useful Links:

Maclean’s article that focused on the appearance of Jian Ghomeshi’s defence team (discussed in this podcast episode)

“Let Justice Speak” – a defence lawyer discusses the opposition to Jian Ghomeshi’s defence lawyer, Marie Henein, speaking at university campuses

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Episode 7: #meQ – Unpacking the Jian Ghomeshi Trial (Part 1 of 2)

Remember the Jian Ghomeshi trial?  In late 2014, a number of women came forward with allegations of abuse against the CBC radio host.  The CBC fired Ghomeshi, he was charged with criminal offences, and in 2016, he was tried before the Ontario Court of Justice in Toronto.

The Jian Ghomeshi trial involved fame, intrigue, surprise . . . and an infamous teddy bear.  It captivated Canada and galvanized a national conversation about sexual assault in Canada.  Yet when all was said and done, Ghomeshi walked free.

In this two-part series, Mindy Caterina and Garrett Jamieson take a look at how and why the trial unfolded the way it did.  Part 1 covers:

  • Jian Ghomeshi – who he is and who he was when the allegations came out
  • The Timeline – how the Ghomeshi allegations fit in with the timeline of the #metoo movement
  • The Offences – the criminal offences of sexual assault and overcome resistance to choking
  • The Trial – a review of the evidence of the first witness who testified at the Jian Ghomeshi trial

Useful Links:

Global News Timeline of the Jian Ghomeshi Sex Assault Scandal

Late October 2014: 8 women accuse Jian Ghomeshi of abusive behaviour

The Trial Decision: R v Ghomeshi, 2016 ONCJ 155

CBC article “Jian Ghomeshi ruling should be appealed, lawyer says”

(Note: the above CBC article describes a lawyer’s opinion that the trial judge erred in finding that Ghomeshi did not drive a yellow Volkswagen Beetle at the time of his alleged assault of L.R.  However, according to this article, it was an “agreed fact” that Ghomeshi did not lease a Volkswagen Beetle until 7 months after the events L.R. described.  In criminal trials, “agreed facts” are facts that both sides accept as being true and that the trial judge is therefore entitled to rely on.)

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